Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

Dr. Mustafa Al-Agamy’s clinic is considered one of the best dental clinics, as it provides the latest medical technologies for teeth whitening, one of the most important of these techniques is “laser”. Teeth whitening is known as the latest treatment method that works to lighten the color of the teeth and also get rid of plaque and pigmentation in the teeth. Teeth are whitened through Clean the teeth well and then put an oxygenating substance on the teeth with a high concentration. When the laser device is placed on the teeth, this substance penetrates into the teeth and remains on the teeth for a few minutes, and then this substance is removed. Laser teeth whitening is characterized by many and the most prominent of these advantages:

Teeth whitening is done in one session.

It works to get rid of caries in the teeth.

Getting rid of bacteria in the teeth.

It gives you a perfect smile.

It does not require anesthesia during teeth whitening.

The easiest and fastest way to whiten teeth.

Laser teeth whitening is one of the safe techniques on the teeth, as it does not cause tooth sensitivity or tooth bleeding.

Dr. Mostafa Al-Agamy is one of the pioneers of cosmetic and dental implants in Egypt, where we have the latest laser and 3D imaging devices for dental sizes known as the CERIC device to provide the number of sessions required for pain-free beautification and dental implants
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