Dental combination

Dental combination

The zirconia and Emax combinations are characterized by their hardness, aesthetic shape and high transparency so that the teeth are in a harmonious manner and conform to the shape of the natural teeth due to the absence of any metal inside them, unlike the old porcelain formulations… The zirconia and Emax combinations we used are made with the latest German-made Ceric device that ensures that the color of the teeth does not change over time. Even with smoking and drinking coffee, and in the fastest time and in the fewest number of sessions, through which we can close the spaces, treat tooth decay and compensate for missing teeth. Among the benefits of dental implants:

Speech improvem.

Ease of food after installation.

Improve oral health.

You can eat whatever you want after the installation process.

Cases of Dental combinationتعديل-لوني-لوجو-الدكتور-مصطفي-2-640x219.png
Dr. Mostafa Al-Agamy is one of the pioneers of cosmetic and dental implants in Egypt, where we have the latest laser and 3D imaging devices for dental sizes known as the CERIC device to provide the number of sessions required for pain-free beautification and dental implants
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